Serguei Saldívar   AMC


Serguei Saldívar  AMC (Mexican Society of Cinematographers)

Active member of the Mexican academy of motion picture arts and sciences.

  • Feature films

    • Bacalar” [Mexico, 2010] - Directed by Patricia Arriaga.
    • La Lección de Pintura” [Mexico, Chile, Spain, 2010] - Directed by Pablo Perelman.
    • Under the Salt” (Bajo la Sal) [Mexico, 2008] - Directed by Mario Muñoz.
    • The desert within” (Desierto Adentro) [Mexico, 2008] - Directed by Rodrigo Plá. (Shot in Super 16mm)
    • Mezcal” (Mezcal) [Mexico, 2007] - Directed by Ignacio Ortiz (silver retain process in negative).
    • The other side” (Al Otro Lado) [Mexico, 2005] - Directed by Gustavo Loza, co-photographed with Jerónimo Denti and Patrick Murguía.
    • Persona Non Grata” [France, Spain, U.S.A. 2003] - Directed by Oliver Stone, shot in DVCAM with con Rodrigo Prieto ASC AMC.
    • Serious killer” (Asesino en serio) [Mexico - Spain, 2002] - Directed by Antonio Urrutia. (silver retain process in negative).
    • The blue room” (La Habitación Azul) [Mexico - Spain, 2002] - Directed by Walter Doehner.
    • Without a trace” (Sin Dejar Huella) [Mexico - Spain, 2002] - Directed by María Novaro, “Latin American Cinema Award” Sundance Film Festival 2001. Audience Award in the First Week of Iberoamerican Films, Madrid 2001.
    • A Breakfast chronicle” (Crónica de un Desayuno) [Mexico, 2000] - Directed by Benjamín Cann. “Caligari Film Award” for the best film in New Film forum of Berlin Film Festival, 2001. “Mayahuel Award” for Best Director in the Guadalajara Film Festival, 2000. (silver retain process in negative).
    • Libre de Culpas” [Mexico, 1997] - Directed Marcel Sisniega (silver retain process in negative).
    • Parejas” [1996 - 2000, Mexico] - Directed by Enrique Arroyo.


  • Short films

    I have photographed many short films, this are some of them:


    • ¿Verdad que no fué mi culpa?” [Mexico, 2010] - Directed by Antonio Urrutia.
    • El Otro Sueño Americano” [Mexico, 2005] - Dir. Enrique Arroyo. Jury Award “Clermont-Ferrand Festival”, France 2005 among more than 20 other awards.
    • Espíritu Deportivo” [Mexico, 2004] - Directed by Javier Bourges.
    • Héroe” [Mexico, 2003] - Directed Eduardo Covarrubias. Best Short Film “Cuadro” festival, México 2003, Best Short Film in the “Federación de Escuelas de Imagen y Sonido” festival, Buenos Aires Argentina 2003
    • Mientras me muero” [Mexico, 2003] - Directed by Mario Muñoz. “Ariel” nominee, México 2004.
    • El Ojo en la Nuca” [Mexico - Uruguay, 2000] - Directed by Rodrigo Plá. “Oscar" winner for best foreign student short film L.A, California 2001. “Ariel” winner for best short film, Mexico 2001. Jury award in the First Week of Latin-America Films, Madrid 2001.
    • Cruz” [Mexico, 1998] - Directed by Kenia Márquez. , “Ariel” winner for best short film Mexico 1996, “Oscar” nominee for Best Short Film, L.A. California 1996, Jury Mention “Clermont-Ferrand Festival”, Audience and Jury award in Algarve Portugal 1997, “Palma de Oro” in Bruxels Belgium 1997.
    • Pez Muerto no Nada” [Mexico, 1996] - Directed by Jimena Perzabal.
    • Ponchada” [Mexico, 1994] - Directed by Alejandra Moya. Honor Mention in “Dresden Film Festival”, 1995.
    • El Último Fin de año” [Mexico, 1991] - Directed by Javier Bourges. . “Oscar” winner for best foreign student short film, L.A. California 1993, “Danzante de Oro” Huesca Festival, Spain 1992, “Colón de Oro” Huelva Festival, Spain 1992.


  • Awards and nominations as cinematographer:

    • "Kikito" Award for best cinematography in Festival de Gramado, Brasil 2011 por “La Lección de Pintura”.
    • "Diosa de Plata" ** Award, 2009, for best cinematography “Bajo la Sal” (Under the salt)
    • "Mayahuel" Award, 2008, for best cinematography, Guadalajara film festival, “Desierto Adentro” (The Desert Within).
    • "Ariel"* Award, 2008, for best cinematography, for “Desierto Adentro” (The Desert Within).
    • Coral” Award, 2008, for best cinematography, Habana film festival, for “Desierto Adentro” (The Desert Within).
    • Tutumpa” Award 2008, for best cinematography in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for “Desert Within”.
    • Jury Award for best cinematography, 10 festival elcine, Lima Perú 2006 for “Mezcal”.
    • Ariel Award , 2003, for best cinematography “Héroe” México 2003.
    • Diosa de Plata Award, 2006, for best cinematography “Al Otro Lado” (To the Other Side).
    • Award for best cinematography 2004; in “Almería en Corto” festival, Spain “Héroe”.
    • Pantalla de Cristal” Award , 2003, for best cinematography “Héroe” México 2003.
    • Ariel* nominee 2003, for best cinematography “La Habitación Azul” (The Blue Room).
    • Ariel* Award 2002, for best cinematography “Sin Dejar Huella.
    • Ariel* Award 1998, for best cinematography “Libre de Culpas”.
    •  “Casa de las Américas” Award1997,for best cinematography in Huesca, Spain “Pez Muerto no Nada”.


    For my work in publicity I have won awards and obtained nominations for best cinematography in “Pantalla de Cristal”, “Círculo Creativo” among others...


    * Ariel is the award given by the Mexican academy of motion pictures arts and sciences.

    ** Diosa de Plata is the award given by the Mexican film critic association.